Thursday, July 26, 2012

Butterfly Effect

Soul Effect - 2012 - acrylic on canvas - 12 x 16 in

An artist sometimes hopes that the work he puts out into the world will have some impact on the world or even to just one other individual.  It's nice when people are touched by your work or if it has had a profound effect on how one sees or experiences the world. This here is no such picture. Ot at least, I can't see it. I'm not sure why I painted it and I am not even sure what it is..... yet. It was formed from one of my phone doodles that captured me. (see image below) The doodle is probably more interesting than this painting. Maybe it is because I have tried to see too much and it is not vague enough. I like anatomical and diagramatic drawings.... the details and exactness they carry. Though there is a mystery in being vague, perhaps there can also be a mystery in a complete picture where the intrigue is in the subject. Just like when astronomers when astronomers see clearer and further into the cosmos which then releases more questions. If you showed Me a blurry picture of your mother or your cat. I will only know it is a mother or a cat and with not much more information.  So why do I need to show information as well as a subject or an idea? And why did I call this piece Soul Effect? 

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