Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And now for something completely different.

Jayce In Space - July 2011 -  pencil crayon on paper - 12 x 16 in.

     Even though this is not an actual painting but rather a pencil crayon work, I am including it here in new paintings. I used to do quite a few of these instead of painting. I've always thought of these drawings moreso as a painting because for me it took the place of the actual act of painting and I have always shown them side by side with the paintings. I did not consider them just drawings because of the heavy application of the color that I use which makes me think more of painting. So because of these reasons plus I don't have a blog to highlight new pencil crayon work in, here it is now. Jayce (jay-cee) In Space
     This work is an actual portrait of a little boy named Jayce that I did for the parents. This is from a snapshot they had of him with a scrub brush in hand jumping off the deck into .... the playful universe to find some galaxy to clean up. 

And now for something completely different.

Mirage - Sept 2011 - 22 x 22 in. - oil on canvas

     Last fall (2010) I started to paint in oils for the first time. I've always worked in acrylic so it is a bit different. I don't know how I want to paint yet in this medium. Below are my first two goes at it. I like them a great deal. I did four paintings at this time but two of them I may go back to work on.  One is a figure and one is a memory flower.  This fall I did a few more, and the image above is the first of them. I was planned for it to be a background for something, but I couldn't bring myself to paint the next layer. When I snapped out of painting mode I was surprised by its blurr and liked it all by itself. next week I will show the next two I did.

Petals - Oct 2010 -  16 x 20 in. - oil on canvas 

Moment - Oct 2010 - 22 x 22 in. oil on canvas