Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I Always Think I'll Remember - Jan 2012 - 14 x 18 in. - acrylic on canvas panel

     I always think I'll remember is a phrase I always believe to be true at the moment in time that I think it, but proves to be never the case. I think it to be true because if I remember something a few seconds after the thought or action I think it will be obvious that I'll remember later on. Why wouldn't I, I think. If for example I filed a certain sketch under 'G', the reasoning is obvious at that time. But really it is ONLY obvious and related to that moment in time where certain pathways are made by the neurons in my brain.  Time then juggles those pathways in life and creates constantly differing views of an instant. So then when it comes time to find the sketch I realize I could have filed it under various letters or it's tucked in a book because of some other connection I had made to it.  Or when I've had a dream in the middle of the night and have awaken from it, I think about about writing it down but I convince myself "that of course I'm going to remember this wacky dream. How on earth could I forget it?". But then, when your halfway between awake and dreams, your simply not on this earth anymore. I don't know what any of this has to do with this painting.

     I Always Think I'll Remember was painted from some sketches I did in 1995 for a series of works to be called Presence. I am slowing working on them, plus there are always newer ideas to paint which is why it took so long to get back to this one.  There is another sketch on the same sheet  that turned into a painting in 2001 and there is another sketch on the same sheet that I would like to do soon. I seem to be getting back into my cosmic surreal stuff - phase 2. 
     It's interesting that this is only the second time that I have painted on a canvas board.  The first time was exactly 30 years ago! The general notion back then was that these boards seemed kinda cheepy or used by amateurs. Now, I don't know what the general take is on them. I actually don't mind'em. Wish I had some more. Check out my 30 years ago blog to see the other canvas panel painting.