Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Body As Bridge

From One World To The Next - 2012 - acrylic on illustration board - 15 x 20 inches

I am in a time of great transition right now as I am moving my studio of 21 years in downtown Winnipeg, to a new location in my just-moved-to new residence. A lot of change. Perhaps too much. It took me 6 weeks to paint this 17 hour painting. To me it's a long time, though some of these paintings have taken me years to finish because I just did not know how to resolve them at their various stages, or they just seemed to want to have more detail in them. But for this painting, I just did not have the time. From packing up the house for months and moving at Easter, and then right after starting to pack up the studio, all I've been doing is packing, sorting and reflecting. The only other art time is a bit of doodling.

There has been a lot of reflection, memories, realization of a loss. I came across a new piece of old music that I have not heard before by one of my early favorite musicians , Jean Michel Jarre. The piece is called En Attendant Cousteau in the Cd of the same name. This music came to me at a time that seems to reflect in a great deal this inner sadness and loss(?) and cosmic memory.

Change is good they say. I don't see it yet. I'm not sure where I am headed. There are parts of me that even wonder If I will paint anymore. Do I even want to?  I don't even have room to paint in the new place! This painting was a struggle as it seemed that I was forgetting how to paint. Like a dream that is there when you first realize that you were dreaming, then when you are fully awake there are only fragments left.

This painting is a rendition of a painting I did in a few hours, a couple years ago at a painting jam at the Keycon sci-fi convention. I liked the painting a lot, but there was something that needed to be explored more, and I had wanted to create another version of it since. When I started the painting in March of this year I did not know for a fact that I was moving the studio.  It seems appropriate now.

I will let my higher self lead me to higher ground.