Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Landscape

Time Out The Window

acrylic on matt board 11.5 x 15 in.

Past Present Future

I like it when a painting presents new ideas for me and it is specially nice when one of my own paintings brings forth ideas or concepts that I was not necessarily thinking about at the time nor was intended at the start or conception.  Sometimes, after enjoying certain paintings of mine under a certain understanding, all of a sudden one day, even years later, I will realize an extended or even a totally different meaning for the painting. I like it when a painting can grow and move along with you.


This painting was originally intended to be a figurative work (it still is actually if you turn your head) but because I often see the figure in the landscape and vise versa, I feel they are so linked and at times so interchangable. This painting holds a shape I draw intuitively quite often I am finding in my unconscious doodles. It has become an important newer 'symbol' that I feel should be in our consciousness. This symbol which I call the trifinity symbol plays upon and extends the older world infinity symbol from its dual parts, to one where the midpoint of that symbol - that point between the past and future of which are the two spaces where we spend most of our time in - to one where that midpoint, that crossover point between past and future, the present, is made significantly larger and thereby increasing our time spent here in the now.

Loop de Loop