Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creation Myth #99

This year I have only done a hand full of paintings and since it is nearing the end of the year I will start by posting the ones from the beginning of the year and soon we will get to the present. These are still all new paintings as they have not really been out there yet.

February 2011 - 13 x 20 in. - acrylic on matt board

     Adam and Eve were at the beginning of the 4th race of Man. This was the Atlantean era. Before this, it was the Lemurian era, the 3rd race - the Nephilim, a very different race of beings but the forbearers of mankind. The Nephilim were androgenous and procreated through a divine conscious will. 
     The 4th race is marked by several natural evolutionary traits. The hermaphrodite was separated into male and female. This was the beginning of that 'separation' from God and the 'fall of man' (that I will simply say now was our grounding on the earth), the forming of skin on our bodies, the intake of physical food (there IS an evolution of our senses as we did not always have hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell) and the decline of our penial gland/3rd eye intuition.
      This painting is part of an ongoing series of Adam and Eve paintings.

     This painting actually started in 2005 then was worked on in 2006 and 2008 briefly, then was finally finished over a month period early in 2011. My schedule was such that I was only be able to paint for 1 or 2 hours at a time. Then if could not resolve the painting it would sit there. At various times it seemed it was finished, but eventually something would make me think that there needs to be clarification in places. Because I have no reference, it becomes a staring match, waiting untill I have some idea of what to do next. Then, I will also admit, that sometimes the courage is not there to challenge the painting. This is one reason why there are large gaps in time, and weird as this may sound, sometimes the planets are not in the right place. Oh sure you laugh, but I have experienced on a number of occasions, where I have not worked on a painting for months or years then when I finally have the urge to work on it again, I realize that it's the same date of the month or to the year from when I last worked on it. Interesting.