Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seed Mechanics

Embryo Seeds / Potential  /  Germinate  /  Growth  /  Movement  /  Form  /  Birth
All is One  /  All is Flesh  /  Crystal Light  /  Sound  /  Sight  /  Third Eye  /  Flight 

Chariot Of  The Nephilim - July 2011 - 8 x 13 in. - acrylic on matt board
Out of Flesh - July 2011 - 9 x 13 - acrylic on matt board

     Both of these paintings were started in 2001 and were in a 'finished state' and exhibited as a series of 3 paintings, one of which was sold (Flight of the 3rd Eye). As with most of my Meta Figure paintings, they start off very quick and rough so to speak but are complete on their own in that they structurally house all that there is in the work. I liken it to an out of focus image of a person. They are all there but you can't see the details. I love abstract work and that is why I love the beginnings of these paintings and hold on to them so dearly, but over time, I tend to want too see more and focus on the finer details of these figural structures.
    The first sessions in these works last 30 - 60 minutes. After this, Out Of Flesh was not worked on again until January of 2011 and 16 hours later over 5 months time it was finished. Sometimes a piece never seems finished, which usually means that it is not finished. It takes a very special feeling to know that you are seeing all that there is to see in that particular work and to know that you will no longer need to visit it again.
     Chariot Of The Nephilim as I mentioned was also started in 2001 (2 hours) (as a matter of fact it was right after the Metanomacies show at the Manitoba Legislative building) and was not worked on again until Sept 2007 ( 2.5 hours), then in Nov & Dec 2008 (8 hours) and then was finished in Jan, Feb & Mar 2011 (7 hours) for a grand total of 19.5 hours work. It's funny to think that something that would normally take so little time, maybe a weeks work, took so long. But what is time?